Functional Fitness Coach Certification

What if you knew you could confidently work with anyone and you had the reputation that has clients knocking at your door?

That is what the FFC L1 makes possible for fitness trainers who desire to master their craft, and really impact the health, fitness and performance of individuals in their communities.

FFC is one of the most comprehensive fitness coaching courses, inside this digital course you will learn to create highly effective training and lifestyle programmes. With its strong focus on developing functional movement quality and behaviours inside and outside the gym, each FFC client receives their optimal challenge to maximise results right away and to to keep progressing for years. This approach gives clients a coaching experience they won't get with just any trainer, making an FFC coach stand out, and sought-after.

But I already have a certification. Why do I need more education?


PT qualification standards are low


Coaches lack confidence in programming design


Impact more lives

Estimated course length

12 Weeks

Course start date

Monday 5th August 2024

Monthly payment options available

"Before FFC I was just giving workouts based on what I learned in L3 or what I had done on myself that was fun. I was oblivious to the existence of more efficient methods until I stumbled upon FFC. I learned in FFC to create a program from scratch that is client centric and working toward specific goals that matter to them. Now I feel that each session and conversation has a purpose. I have a system to take on a new client, create a plan for training and lifestyle that is unique and impactful. I feel 100 times more confident and that's led to doubling my business."

Peter B

What will you learn?

No matter if you're making your initial strides as a coach or you have a well-established practice, we all want to be viewed as the expert. I can tell you it took us, your educators, Ollie, Craig, and Jenz, a while as coaches to establish ourselves as top-tier coaches. Which is why we offer the FFC to give you the exact knowledge and systems that made us stand out and succeed. We've removed the fluff, and through our FFC operating system and the simple 4 I's process, you'll be head and shoulders above the rest.

By the end of this programme you will confidently:
  • Know how to communicate what you do.
  • Deliver our simple 4 I's client-centric system
  • Progress and regress clients properly with a keen understanding of space, stability, and strength.
  • Properly cue and develop movement for safety and performance using our practical functional pattern approach to the squat, hinge, lunge, uni-knee and uni-hip, horizontal push and pull, vertical push and pull, core static and dynamic, and carry.
  • Use functional anatomy and biomechanics to assess your clients and craft intelligent programs that are ideal for each individual whether that is for hypertrophy, strength, endurance, functional fitness sports, etc.

And you'll get bonus content enabling you to:
  • Know how to coach weightlifting and gymnastics.
  • View exactly how we apply this information with real client case studies.
  • Apply this information across different offering such as PT, online, small group, and large group classes.

Above all else it will give you the coaching skills, systems and support you need to confidently coach your current or potential clients in a way they won't get elsewhere – which makes you stand out and sought-after. The FFC operating system is your ticket to creating outstanding results that lead you to the finances and lifestyle you want.

"I've been coaching for 10 years and spent 2-3 weekend a year doing workshops or online courses, I can say this is the most comprehensive course I have ever done. Not only did this upgrade and update my knowledge, it took all that I have learned from various sources and put it together into a system that has made my offering more professional. Not to mention I am saving time and mental energy each time I go to create programs because I have a process to follow. I wish I had this 10 years ago. I could have saved 10 years of time gathering fluff and avoided many heart-breaking client loss moment with this. I recommend this course for all my new trainers and sing its praises to my peers."

Katie H

What is inside FFC?

We created this course to disrupt what is currently considered as the norm. To change what it means to be a fitness coaching professional and start to make a larger impact in the world.

The job role of a personal trainer goes far beyond sets and reps in a gym. We wanted to give the coach the skills required to thrive in an industry where the best can truly shine.

In addition, with the right skills - we as coaches can certainly change lives. The structure and flow of this course are like no other.

What you get

Immediate access to our world-class core operating system resources:

85+ video lectures

200 page workbook

12 live group mentorship calls

Bonus chapter

Implementation chapter for:


Small group personal training

Large group fitness

Online coaching

Bonus resource

Streamline your business and optimise your programming:

52 weeks of programming templates

Learn from the best

Created and delivered by three of the UK's leading fitness coaches: Ollie Marchon, Jenz Robinson and Craig Massey, the course combines personal expertise with proven success to connect, understand and influence every aspect of functional fitness.

Ollie Marchon


Ollie Marchon is a former professional rugby player turned founder of MARCHON & The PFCA.

MARCHON is the UK's leading Functional Fitness brand, comprised of multiple gym locations, a custom built app delivering their programmes across the world, as well as offering their own sports nutrition and clothing.

The PFCA is Ollie’s education business which he co-founded with Jenz Robinson in 2019. Their primary focus is to raise the standards of coaching within the fitness industry whilst also supporting fitness professional and gym owners in the private sector to run a more profitable and successful business.

Jenz Robinson


Over the past 15 years, Jenz has successfully scaled multiple fitness businesses.

Jenz and Ollie have successfully grown the industry-leading fitness education company, The PFCA as well as the innovative Gym Owners Network - A business mentorship program for Gym Owners across the globe looking to perfect their product, develop high performing teams and have wildly successful gyms.

Jenz's proven interpersonal skills simplify complexity, making coaching and training fulfilling. His commitment to ongoing education is reflected in his white-belt mentality, contributing to the PFCA's leading position in applied function fitness training today.

Craig Massey

Head of Education

Craig transitioned from an engineering career to the fitness industry through the early UK CrossFit scene in the mid-to-late 2000s. After envisioning a new path, he took a leap of faith, establishing three gyms and a coaching practice. With a decade in the OPEX system as both a student and license holder, Craig emphasises education, viewing everyone as perpetual learners.

Believing in the responsibility that comes with knowledge, he is now part of the PFCA, grateful for the opportunity to contribute and support those following in his footsteps.

When you pass

Elevate your fitness journey with our CIMSPA-accredited Functional Fitness Coach (FFC) Certification! Uncover the remarkable advantages of our accreditation:

  1. Industry Recognition: Our FFC course holds the prestigious CIMSPA accreditation, affirming its alignment with the highest standards in the fitness industry. Invest in top-tier education and training with confidence.
  2. Enhanced Career Prospects: Propel your career forward! CIMSPA accreditation enhances your professional profile, positioning you as a sought-after candidate in the job market. Unlock exciting opportunities and accelerate your success in the dynamic fitness industry.
  3. Credibility & Trust: Our CIMPSA accreditation reflects the credibility and integrity of our FFC course. Rest assured, you'll gain industry-relevant insights and expertise, empowering you to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Join us on the path to excellence!
FFC group photograph

Course price

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85+ video lectures

200 page workbook

12 live group mentorship calls

Bonus implementation chapter

Roadmap to £50k per year masterclass

52 weeks of programming templates

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Pay in 3

All the same amazing benefits, with flexible pricing.



85+ video lectures

200 page workbook

12 live group mentorship calls

Bonus implementation chapter

Roadmap to £50k per year masterclass

52 weeks of programming templates

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All the same amazing benefits, with flexible pricing.



85+ video lectures

200 page workbook

12 live group mentorship calls

Bonus implementation chapter

Roadmap to £50k per year masterclass

52 weeks of programming templates

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"I started doing PT after Uni, but after a few years I was still grinding 5am to 8pm. I was ready to start a family and didn't see how a career in the industry would work for balance or to provide financially, so I quit and went to a corporate job. It's been a year now and I know the corporate 9-5 sitting all day isn't for me. I missed helping people. I found the PFCA and saw that family life, and a personal life for that matter was possible. So I joined FFC and not only have I learned more practical information than my L2/L3/L4 combined, I've built up a small group PT that is making 50% of what I earned as a PT prior AND I am only doing 5 hours a week. I am well on my way to doing this full-time in a sustainable way. So worth it."

Lee W

Our guarantee to you

On the fence, or sceptical that this is another fluffy online course? We get it – we've experienced it ourselves.

But we want to change that. We want to give you the chance to make the difference in your life, and your clients' lives.

The course is like no other; we offer a 30-day complete the course, participate in the coaching calls and apply this to your practice, money-back guarantee.

We're so confident that if you learn and implement, you'll see an ROI. You have genuinely nothing to lose, but have life-changing results for you and your clients to gain. All you have to do is set aside your doubts and have the courage to start.

You'll have a full MONTH to go through the training, keep up with the lessons, implement the systems...

...Oh, and one more thing...

The landscape of the fitness industry has undergone significant transformations, especially when comparing the current state to that of 20 years ago or even before 2020. The industry continues to evolve rapidly, prompting us to refresh this course in the current year. We offer six calls spread over twelve weeks to ensure you are well-informed about the latest developments and equipped with the tools to integrate new practices effectively.

That's not all though, you'll also get lifetime access to the online course.

Frequently asked questions


What happens if I fail?

You're able to re-test at no extra charge, to ensure you pass the course and receive the qualification.


How much time is it going to take?

We recommend a minimum of one-two hours a week over a period of 12-16 weeks of online study.


What if I can't complete the work?

The live calls occur every Monday for 12 weeks, with each session concentrating on a specific module. While we suggest completing one module per week, you have indefinite access to the course. This allows you the flexibility to follow your own schedule, even if you miss a module.


What is required of me after I complete the course?

Upon finishing the course and obtaining your certification, we encourage you to showcase your application of the learned skills on social media. Feel free to tag us @the.pfca on Instagram. Additionally, we welcome your feedback on the course experience. If you wish to submit a review or share a testimonial, please don't hesitate to reach out to us either on Instagram or via email at


Do you have payment plans?

We offer two payment plans with the option for either 3 or 6 monthly instalments.


What exactly is covered in each module?

The course is structured into 13 modules, each focusing on a crucial aspect of coaching and fitness. Module 1 establishes the foundation by setting the tone and challenging personal beliefs, emphasising the importance of being the best coach. Subsequent modules delve into client-centric coaching, addressing sleep, nutrition, behaviour change, and functional anatomy. Modules 5 and 6 cover developing space, dynamic stability, and exercise mastery, while Modules 7 and 8 explore the principles of programme design, focusing on form and flow. Modules 9 and 10 provide insights into weightlifting and gymnastics for functional fitness, progressing to higher levels. Module 11 introduces a comprehensive program design operating system, offering a masterclass on efficient and effective programming. Module 12 applies the knowledge through case studies, demonstrating real-world application, and Module 13, a bonus module, explores the art of various coaching delivery methods for different settings, including one-on-one, online, and group training. The course concludes by showcasing the integration of science and art in creating results-focused programmes.


How will I be assessed?

After each module, you’ll receive a mini-assessment, to make sure you’re getting the most out of the content and the learning experience. Once you complete all the modules, you’ll receive a mixed-form assessment, in which you’ll need to achieve a pass mark of at least 80% to reach the required FFC Certified standard.


Do I need prior qualifications to start the FFC course?

FFC L1 is open to everyone. Trainers, coaches, clinicians, physiotherapists and fitness enthusiasts will all benefit from the course. However, to practice the techniques covered in the course with clients, you will need professional liability insurance.


What support and resources are available while I study?

All UK orders will receive the FFC L1 printed handbook within 2-5 working days upon purchase. The handbook is a comprehensive student resource that covers all the content included in the video lectures, plus many other bonus materials. All overseas orders will receive the handbook for e-book download.

Still not sure?

We don't want you to look back 6 months or worse, years and regret not starting today.

There are hundreds of thousands of people today and even more predicted in the future who will need a coach to guide them toward their health and fitness goals. All that stands in the way is you having the courage to start, and the knowledge and systems we teach that allow coaches to thrive.

We want you to be confident which is why we offer the option to jump on a free call with a course advisor for access to the coaching you need to get started today.